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Hey - I thought I would just take a moment to make an "off-topic" post because it is pretty cool :) The host of Kitt Net who is an old friend of mine is offering a free blog to anyone who wants one. Best of all, your blog will be a subdomain of just like this one is - so you could register Be quick though, this has just launched and all the good ones will be snapped up pretty quick. It only takes a sec to register, I am mentioning it because the guy that runs kitt net is doing this totally for nothing and he asked me to help launch it with this post so I am happy to help cos he helped me. So anyway - if you are up for a free blog for life then sign up here, it costs nothing: - The Kitt Net Blogging Community

or - if you like you can type whatever domain you want in the url bar of your browser and kitt net will automatically start the registration, go ahead, type in your browser and see if it is available! Clever huh :)

Have fun and happy blogging.

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A phobia is a strong, persistent fear of situations, objects, activities, or persons. There are hundreds and hundreds. This blog will list them all. Check back for new ones every day

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